The Secret to Becoming a Better Writer

Everyone wants to be a better writer. Even if you’ve crossed that finish line and become a bestselling author, there’s still room for growth. 

As agents, we want writers that care about craft. Your writing matters - the voice, the style…even the punctuation. And while we might not grade you too harshly on that last one, you must show us you care about craft too. 

That’s why we want to share with you the secret to becoming a better writer. 

It’s not a magic trick or a style guide, though the last one will help you. 

It’s not a course or a lecture or a YouTube video. 

It’s like most secrets: It’s very simple. 

The secret to becoming a better writer is to become a reader. 

That’s it. 

Great writers read. They read widely, across genres. We wouldn’t say it’s impossible to be a writer without being a reader, but it sure does make it a lot harder. 


“Writers are readers.” 


If you want to do one thing today to become a better writer, set aside time, it doesn't have to be long, maybe it’s only 15 minutes, to read a book. It doesn’t even need to be a book on the topic you write about. It doesn’t have to be a classic - whatever that means. Just you and a book reading. 

Listen, there are a number of things reading could do. It might inspire new ideas or give you an idea of how to structure your book. A lot of possibilities. But the one thing we can guarantee it will do is cause you to pause and focus. With our attention constantly being battled for, a book is a moment of relief from the hurries of life. It’s important you give yourself those breaks. 

Take a moment, pick up a book. The act of reading will help your writing. We promise.

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