So Long, Rejection

Rejection happens.

Every writer faces rejection. The difference between the writers you read about and the ones you don’t, comes down to who conquered that fear. It’s up to you to decide which path you choose.

But it’s not that simple, is it?

It’s easy to list how many times great books were rejected – J.K. Rowling was rejected numerous times before she finally found a home for Harry Potter – but we lose sight of the choice that the writers made. They chose to lean into The Resistance.

Let me explain.

Rejection is an outcome, but what if it was actually a positive outcome? To be rejected, you have to revise, submit, and query. You have to hone your craft. One of the biggest secrets writers don’t get to see, and sometimes ever know, is that they oftentimes have less control over rejection than they think because it’s a numbers game.

“The Resistance can’t win if you keep writing.”

A writer can’t control an agent taking on another writer’s book similar to the one that she just queried, nor can she control a publisher that already did “a book like that one.” These things are out of your control. But the numbers favor those who see rejection as a staircase helping them to climb to the top of their goals. Each stair, each rejection, gets you closer to that “Yes” – that representation you’ve been seeking or the book contract that is going to launch your work. Without rejection, The Resistance is winning.

The biggest difference between writers winning this battle and losing it is how they respond. Let me give you an example. Recently during a one-on-one coaching call, the writer I was speaking with lamented how many rejections he’d harvested. There were hundreds. The writer was losing hope. Here’s what we did: We listened to the rejections. What were people saying? How could we use that information to reshape and rethink his book project? Suddenly, what felt like hundreds of rejections felt like a path to a better book.

Say goodbye to rejection.
Adios. Now, let’s harness it so we can build a better book. The only way rejection wins, is if you let The Resistance stop you from creating your art.

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