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“How Do I Know If I Have a Good Book Idea?”


Get Started in Publishing with Expert Guidance

Are you even in the vicinity of what’s selling right now? Is this what publishers are interested in, or is the subject overdone? Does your unique angle have merit? Are you credible to speak on this topic, or should you take a different route? The last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours developing and writing a bad idea!


Start Here: A Beginner’s Guide to Publishing Your Book


Publishing in Today’s World: Everything that Aspiring Authors Need to Know

The “Start Here” Course gives you all the information you need to start your publishing journey with confidence.


The Essential Book Proposal


A Writer’s Guide to What it is, Why You Need It,
and How to Make it Awesome

The “Essential Book Proposal” Course will help you learn the indispensable secrets to writing a stand-out book proposal that agents and editors crave. 


Grow Your Author Platform


How to Get Noticed and Sell More Books

Your platform is the number one obstacle you need to overcome to sell books and get published. Learn how to reach readers, expand your influence, and direct your efforts to grow your author platform.