Don't Make This Mistake

There’s this funny thing writers do and it’s a big mistake.

During a recent conversation with a potential author client, he said he had a book idea that he was really excited about, but he was saving it for his second book because he believed there was a different book he had to write first. What?!

This is a huge mistake. 

Don’t delay your big idea. 

If you’ve got a great book idea that you are excited about, write that book! There are no rules that say which order books should be written in; unless it's a series, obviously. This might seem straightforward, but the writer's brain is constantly creating hurdles and rules. You should always question the rules. It helps to say them out loud or ask yourself, "Would I share this rule as advice with a fellow writer?"

Here’s what we like to tell our clients: Go where the wind is at your back. Whether that’s a book idea or a chapter in your book proposal. Use that energy as a signal for what you should work on next. If you are excited about the idea, the reader will sense that too. 

Gary Thomas says that it feels like the wind is in his sails when he writes about relationships. As his literary agents, we do everything we can to help him keep that momentum. So when Gary is thinking about a new book idea, we ask him about the relationship content. We are trying to help steer him toward that momentum.

That’s the question we want you to ask yourself about the book you are working on. Is the wind at your back? 


“Don’t delay your big idea.” 


If a client is stuck on a part of their manuscript, we tell them to go write the next chapter...or the chapter that they’re really excited about. You can always come back to the one you’re stuck on. And here’s why that works really well: The momentum you get from switching it up, going where the wind is at your back, will oftentimes help you get unstuck when you go back and work on the place you were stuck. 

If there’s an article or book idea you’ve been delaying because you thought there was something else you had to do first, there’s not. Really, there’s not. Whether it’s imposter syndrome or an idea that you get lodged in your brain, don’t make this mistake with your writing career. Go work on the project that makes you feel like the wind is at your back today. 

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