Google is a Lousy Literary Agent

What would it be like to finally realize your dream of being a successful author?

The path to publication can be lonely. Often the only resource writers have is to Google their publishing questions. Have you ever used Google to help you solve a publishing mystery? It’s okay, everyone has. Where would we be without Google? It’s a great tool, but a lousy partner. You have questions, you want answers. What would it be like if you could sit down with a publishing professional and get all of your questions answered? No more going it alone. No more searching for answers. 

What if we told you you don’t have to go it alone on your publishing journey?

That’s why we created the
 Author Audit.

We wanted to give you real, personal advice from experienced publishing experts during a one-on-one consultation. We’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out beforehand to ensure our time is highly productive and informative. By the end, you’ll know exactly what to do next to build your career as an author!

If you’re willing to engage in this process, our team of publishing experts will be able to equip you with insights and tactical solutions. We’ll make sure that your path is clear and well-understood. No more guesswork!


"I appreciate the time, thought, and energy that was put into my Author Audit. Genuine feedback is what I was looking for, and that is what I believe I got."

  -Poncho from Texas


So what exactly will happen during your Author Audit?

  • We’ll assess where you are currently
  • We’ll evaluate where you’ve been
  • We’ll help you overcome your current challenges
  • We’ll offer clarity and tactical solutions
  • We’ll help you decide what to focus on for the most impact
  • We’ll answer your specific publishing questions

You’re always free to do what you’ve done before. You can continue searching the Internet, asking around, and bootstrapping your way to the answers you’re seeking. But chances are, they won’t be specific to you, and you may waste a lot of time — or even commit some costly, unnecessary mistakes along the way.

With the Author Audit, you can get answers quickly from professionals who have high-level experience in publishing. We’ve worked with many successful authors, stewarding over 45 titles to the New York Times bestseller lists, as well as more than 70 to the Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists. We have the expertise and understanding that can help you cut through the confusion and make critical strides toward realizing your dream.


“With an Author Audit, You’ll Finally Have the Answers and Insights You Need to Navigate the Publishing Journey.”


Ask yourself this: Is it worth the time and energy you’ll spend trying to figure things out on your own? How much simpler and faster might it be to get personalized help from our experienced team? The Author Audit will give you clarity and direction. We would love to connect with you!

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If you feel like your career as an author has been sidelined by a lack of publishing knowledge, shifting trends in the industry, uncertainty over what to write about, or confusion related to marketing, ask yourself this:

  • What would it be like if you knew exactly what to write next so that you could sell lots of books and have a chance to hit a bestseller list?
  • How would it feel to realize your dream of getting your message out and sharing your story so that it’s accessible to millions of people?
  • What would it mean if the idea of marketing your book no longer felt confusing or dreadful but interesting and exciting?
  • How would you respond if you were able to get personal, actionable advice from experts who want to guide you and cheer you on in your publishing journey?

When you choose to sign up for an
 Author Audit, you’re taking the best next step in building your author career. You’re saying YES to discovering what it takes to become successful in publishing. Schedule your Author Audit right now. 



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