Great Book Ideas Need This

What’s the deal with book proposals?

Recently on a coaching call with a potential author, they told us about how they’ve got a great book idea but the response they were getting was crickets. Have you ever experienced that in your writing journey? It's one of the top frustrations we hear about at Author Coaching.

But what if it’s not what you are saying but how you are saying it?

If you want to give your book idea the best possible chance at success, it needs to be in a proposal.

“If you want your book idea to be taken seriously, you need a book proposal.”

What’s a proposal?

It’s the key to securing a literary agent, a publishing partner, and a future for your book idea.

When a publishing professional gets your email, the difference in getting a response or silence comes down to making your book idea as accessible as possible. You know this because you’ve heard it before: literary agents and editors receive dozens, if not hundreds of queries every day. The competition for their attention is fierce.

A book proposal is like showing up to a job interview looking your best. It’s saying, “I know you’re busy but I’m a professional and you’re going to love this book idea.” The book proposal sets a tone.

As literary agents, when we see an author has a book proposal they want to share with us, it’s like saying to us, “I’ve done the homework.”

“First impressions make a huge difference, and when it comes to book proposals, a first impression can make all the difference. When it comes to my book proposals, I’ve had the unfair advantage of a team of people that know how to make the best first impressions. My book proposals rock because Yates & Yates have it down to a science. If you want to give your book the best shot at publication, send it into the world with the best proposal. That’s what Yates & Yates can help you create.”

- Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker

It doesn’t matter how amazing your book idea is, you won’t be able to get your book traditionally published without an incredible book proposal! You don’t want to accidentally omit important elements of your proposal. Or inadvertently get it wrong.

That’s why we built The Essential Book Proposal. In this course, we will help you learn the indispensable secrets to writing a stand-out book proposal that agents and editors crave. We are going to show you what we want in a book proposal as literary agents, and walk you through each element in a book proposal, including specific sections like Unique Selling Proposition, Comparable Titles, Short Summary Statement, and more!

“I spent months creating my book proposal by modeling it after a handful of actual proposals that garnered traditional publishing deals for my friends. After submitting it to an agent and getting rejected, I took The Essential Book Proposal course and completely rewrote my proposal, realizing I had been wasting my time the first time around. The Essential Book Proposal is the Rosetta Stone of book proposals!”

-Joel J.

The #1 thing that holds back many of the writers we talk to is the book proposal. Instead of gambling on your book idea being noticed by an editor or agent, give them something that will stand out in their inbox. Give them a book proposal to complement that great book idea!!!

Take Action: The Essential Book Proposal

The Essential Book Proposal course is a writer’s guide to what it is, why you need it, and how to make it awesome. Learn the indispensable secrets to writing a stand-out book proposal that agents and editors crave. The Essential Book Proposal course is an 11-module video course developed specifically for authors just like you, on the cusp of getting published. After working your way through our course, you are going to have a completed first draft of your book proposal, finished and fantastic. Click here to learn more!


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