How to Keep the Fire Burning

You know that meme, right?

There’s that meme, the one with the dog with a hat; he’s at the table drinking coffee. Everything around him is on fire – the house is burning down. A word bubble says, “This is fine.”

As a writer, there are times that you can probably relate to the dog.

Pursuing your goals hasn’t changed but the world around you has. It’s required more, for sure.

If you’re reading this right now, then you have set a goal that you would like to write a book one day, or you see publishing or self-publishing as a part of your business goals, or maybe you’ve even dabbled in publishing already. You’ve made a commitment to the goal. That was the easy part. Now comes the doing, and with it, the resistance.

So, how do you dive into your creativity during a crisis? We want to share with you some inspiration to help you tap into your creative juices so that you can create something amazing and impactful.

“Your goals require passion, and passion takes fuel.”

To overcome that resistance you’re feeling, we want to offer this advice: return to your first love. As a writer, read books and language that inspires you. They’re the books that made you say, I want to do this. Books are what inspired and shaped your passion for writing. There’s a magic to returning to the ones you love.

It’s the same for painters who visit a gallery or watch a friend paint or the chef who enjoys the Food Network. Inspiration is fuel for the fire.

There’s no ignoring the gut punches that life can throw us. Even if you don’t have the bumps and bruises others may receive, there can still be a lot to contend with. And though it may seem like a simple answer to a complicated issue, renewing your passion for writing by returning to the books you love will feel like a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. This is the self-care every writer needs, even in times of plenty. It’s the writer who seeds their ambition with inspiration that will achieve their goals.

Don’t WAIT for inspiration. Be on the offensive. Go back to your first love and let your heart be moved. Dive into the books you love. It just might be the most important thing you do today or this week for your writing career.

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