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A book proposal changes how you are viewed. 

On a recent one-on-one coaching call, an aspiring author spent 25 minutes unpacking his book idea. The book idea was smart and entertaining - it had publishing potential...if the author could have 25 minutes to unpack it with each publishing stakeholder. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get that kind of face-time with a literary agent or editor, and even if you did, having a succinct, accessible idea is crucial.  

The reality of today’s attention span demands a book proposal. You have to be able to share your book idea in such a way that it creates the same kind of excitement as if you were having coffee or lunch with an editor. 

What this writer needed was a book proposal. 

A book proposal is the difference between being a professional and showing up looking like an amateur. Amateurs are dependent on earning time with someone, captivating their already divided attention. What the professional knows is that a book proposal relieves the burden of the elevator pitch.  

One of the greatest issues writers feel is the pressure to sell their book idea. A book proposal makes the book idea accessible. Suddenly you are showing up in that agent’s or editor’s inbox and you have a book proposal available for them to review. As agents, our ears always perk up when we hear you have a proposal. It says to us, this person is taking this seriously - they’ve done their homework. We view you as a professional, and professionals get taken seriously. 

When we told the writer with the 25-minute pitch that he needed a book proposal, he was relieved. No more performance needed. Instead of trying to get time with editors and agents, hoping that he can unpack everything, he could build out a book proposal. His book idea went from being dependent on his ability to generate attention, to an accessible format that the industry uses to evaluate and acquire book ideas. 

If you want your book ideas to be treated differently, you need to create a book proposal. 

Not sure where to start? The Essential Book Proposal course is for you. In this course, we will help you learn the indispensable secrets to writing a stand-out book proposal that agents and editors crave. We are going to show you what we want in a book proposal as literary agents, and walk you through each element in a book proposal, including specific sections like Unique Selling Proposition, Comparable Titles, Short Summary Statement, and more!


The Essential Book Proposal course changes amateurs into professionals. It’s time to go pro!  

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