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So You Want to Be an Author?

"5 Essential Dos and Don'ts to Getting Your Book Published"

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  • How to stand out in front of publishers and agents
  • What best selling authors do to make their books SELL and IMPACT lives (that you can do too!)
  • Why and how to plan, practice, and hone your book writing
  • The motivation and encouragement you need to finally write that book and get it published
  • How to overcome rejection and persevere

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Hosted by: Curtis & Karen Yates

About Your Hosts:

With a collective 120 years in publishing, managing the careers of mega author brands like John Maxwell, Jen Hatmaker, Jon Acuff, Dr. Ben Carson, and Jennie Allen, our publishing experience is unparalleled. Our expertise has been honed over decades as we’ve coached authors on manuscript development, platform growth, the creative process, book packaging, building and refining marketing plans, public relations and so much more.  There is a reason we have helped launch more than 40 New York Times Best Sellers. Becoming an author is about so much more than writing. We want to help you launch your book into the world, so that more lives are impacted for good.