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"From Unknown to Published Author"

Meet Evan Owens.

Evan is the co-founder of Reboot Recovery, a trauma recovery ministry that has been changing lives around the country, especially in the soldier and first-responder communities, for years.

During Evan’s time in ACU, we:

  • Helped him hone and polish his book proposal, including suggesting adding a link in his proposal to a video of testimonials from those who had been deeply impacted by the work of Reboot Recovery.

  • Gave him crucial feedback on his target audience.

  • Guided him through the process of submitting his improved proposal to several different publishers.

  • Taught him the basics of the publishing business (how the money works).

  • Explained specifics of a publishing contract, including negotiable terms.

  • Encouraged and emboldened him in what to expect and ask for.

  • Supported him in platform building, marketing initiatives, and the writing process.

  • Brainstormed and collaborated with other ACU students.

  • Answered any/all questions he had to help him feel clarity and confidence.


Why did you join Author Coaching University?
What did you learn from ACU?

Then the magic happened. Mike on our team had lunch with an editor friend of his. She told him she was specifically looking for a book on trauma. (It’s all about who you know, right?) Mike shared about that conversation with Curtis, who had been coaching Evan. Curtis was able to call Evan and say, “We just found the perfect publisher for you! In fact, she’s looking for your book.”

Curtis connected Evan with this editor, and then we counseled him through his discussions and negotiations with that publisher and the others he was talking with. Ultimately, that publisher offered Evan a contract and we were able to connect him with a publishing attorney who negotiated a stellar contract for him.

What did you learn that you wish you'd known much earlier?
How did ACU help you get a traditional book deal?

If you ask Evan, one of the biggest things he gained through Author Coaching University was a deeper understanding of the business of publishing. You’ve probably heard it said, with knowledge comes power. For Evan, he was confident in his content and curriculum, but he felt underqualified and overwhelmed with the idea of writing and publishing a book. We were able to be a resource and coach to him, guiding him along in the process, giving him knowledge and tools to feel empowered as an author.

And in the process, he gained in us an advocate and friend.

How have you benefitted from the others in the ACU cohort?
What would you say to someone considering ACU?

As you can see, Evan is a remarkable person. We’ve loved working alongside him. Are you next?

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