How Far Can Your Book Go?


Don't Forget: Your Book will Reach More People than any Speaking Gig, Article, or Facebook Post

“Words have the power to make things happen.” - Frederick Buechner

Most readers know this to be true -- books are soul food to nourish our spirit, to guide us along, equipping, inspiring, challenging us to live bolder, braver, more intentional lives.

But how exactly do you write a book? How do you put words to paper to impact lives?

Whether you are staring at blank pages, a half-finished manuscript, or even a full manuscript collecting digital dust, we believe you can change the world with just one book.

  • Someone’s marriage can be saved because they read your work.
  • Businesses can grow.
  • Families can heal and thrive.
  • Dreams can turn into fresh, exciting realities.

Books are powerful instruments that shape lives.

Your book is a way to reach exponentially more people than any speaking gig, sermon, article, or social media post. Your book is also a way to share your idea, story, and conviction in long-form--using illustration, extrapolation, metaphor, testimony, and research. And your book is going to last years into the future, impacting steadily over time even after you are gone.

But how do you go about writing a book?

It certainly is not something you want to approach casually and without intention.

If you are looking for guidance in your writing journey, check out our Ebook:

How to Write a Book: 5 Essential Building Blocks for Your Author Career

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Do you have the desire to see your words impact others? It’s not going to happen unless you decide to make it happen. We’d love to help you get started with How to Write a Book.


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