New Year, New You

The past year may not have turned out how you planned it to be.  It may have been filled with setbacks,  heartache, and changes in how you live and work.

And yet there’s a lot to be grateful for, too. Perhaps one thing you haven’t considered is how this past year has made you a better writer. You might look down at your creative goals for this year and see more dreams than accomplishments. We’ve stewarded multiple clients through finishing books while they took on new challenges and new duties.

On the publishing journey, you will face setbacks. The writing will struggle to come together as the deadline looms. The proposal you’ve been working on will have to wait while you help fix another issue for someone else. You will enjoy moments of inspiration and celebration, and everything in between. What the past year is trying to teach us is: that things we cannot control are going to happen. How you respond to them is what is going to make the difference in your writing career.

This is actually how it always goes. Maybe not in the same scope, but there are always going to be hurdles and cancellations, both minor and major. You see, writing a book means throwing caution to the wind. You are inviting obstacles to distract you, for life to give you hurdles. You may not have the same challenges in the new year, but you might be given another task that’s going to take time away from writing your book.

Perhaps we can be so bold as to suggest that the past year can teach us a lot about what it means to pursue writing and publishing your work. We tell all of our authors that this publishing journey is a lot like climbing a mountain.

If you can navigate the past year, what else can you do?

"Welcome 2024!”

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