An Author’s Guide to Thriving During Uncertain Times


Find Out What’s Happening in Publishing Right Now

How are our current circumstances affecting authors and the publishing industry? How should you adapt, pivot, and adjust accordingly? This free 5-part e-course will help you navigate these unusual days so that you can make the best decisions about your book -- or future book!


What will I learn?

This complimentary e-course is designed to help you get up to speed quickly on what’s happening in publishing at this moment in time. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what has changed in retail book sales since March
  • The kinds of dynamic shifts we expect to see across the industry as retail moves even further away from brick and mortar to online purchases and fulfillment
  • Publishers’ attitudes on acquiring books right now (and what you can anticipate based on past downturns)
  • The inspiring ways that some authors are evolving and continuing to deliver outstanding content (including practical suggestions for YOUR book and platform)

At Yates & Yates Author Coaching, our goal is to equip you as an author for the road ahead. We have over 115 years of combined publishing experience, and have stewarded over 40 titles to the New York Times bestseller lists. Through this unique video series, we provide you the confidence and tools you need to adapt your content and platform for success in light of our current circumstances.

What’s Covered in the E-Course?

Video #1

Intro: The Impact of a Crisis

The world’s recent crisis has had a major impact on the way business is done—the publishing industry is no different. But this is not a time to shrink back — it’s a time to adapt, innovate, and invest.

Video #2

The New Retail

We give you the latest on retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Target, independent bookstores, and other retail channels — how they’re faring (and adapting) in light of economic shifts.

Video #3

Publisher Pains & Silver Linings

We explain what’s happening with major publishers across the industry and what that means for YOU and your book project.

Video #4

Platform Pivots

We provide perspective and encouragement on what YOU can be doing right now with your platform to pivot (and why you shouldn’t panic!).

Video #5

Mindset Motivation

Sealy Yates, the first literary agent in Christian publishing, will offer perspective, encouragement and action items so that you can move forward with confidence in these uncertain times.


At Yates & Yates Author Coaching, We Believe You Have a Powerful Message… and We Want to Help You Share It!

Formed by professionals from Yates & Yates, one of the nation’s leading literary agencies, we will coach you on how to build a publishing career and maximize your influence. With more than 115 years in publishing, our expertise has been honed over decades of coaching authors on everything from growing a platform to developing content to creating marketing plans and executing bestselling book launches.

You shouldn’t have to “know everything” to become a successful author. That’s our job. We believe that God has uniquely equipped us to help others use their gifts. You bring your talents and message, and we will guide you through the publishing and business aspects of achieving your dream.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

If you’ve been suffering from “analysis paralysis” lately, you’re not alone! It’s difficult to see what’s ahead and figure out what you can be doing right now to secure the success of your book and platform. We want to give you an inside look into publishing during these uncertain times so that you can feel informed, aware, and prepared to take the best next steps.

If you’ve been wondering...

  • Should I even bother trying to write a book right now?
  • Are publishers even working during this crisis?
  • What is the latest with retail? Will there be any place to sell my book if I write it?
  • How will this impact my next book under contract? How will this impact my royalties and advances?
  • How will this impact my publishing team?
  • What pivots should I be making online and with my platform?

… then this video series is EXACTLY what you need.

You don’t have to continue guessing or worrying. Our team has compiled the most accurate and current information available into this free e-course for you. Let us shepherd you through these trying days and help you make well-informed decisions.

Yes, You Can Still Become a Successful Author

Your writing dreams do not have to stop due to adverse circumstances. Your ideas are not in limbo. You’ve been given a message to share, and now, more than ever, readers need what you have to offer.

To get access to the free series, just click the button below. Submit your email address, and you’ll soon receive an email that will provide a link to the five videos. It’s as simple as that!