Better With Than Without - Don’t Go It Alone

Writing is hard.

You wouldn’t be reading this email right now if you didn’t feel the tension and resistance that goes along with trying to write and publish your books and ideas. Too often, we see authors on social media and wonder, “Why not me?”

The truth is: when you see a book, you’re really seeing more than the author’s work. You’re seeing the work of a village - because that's what it takes. In the publishing process, dozens of people will help bring a book to market.

It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap. You’re measuring yourself not against an author or a book, but a team of people. That’s why we want you to stop going it alone.

When we created Author Coaching University, we wanted to help writers go from idea to bookshelf. Imagine having a mentor to walk you step-by-step to getting published? What if you had an expert guide from within the publishing industry to help you navigate your journey?

“No author does it alone - and neither should you.”

Evan Owens was just like you. He was trying to climb the uphill battle that is publishing. What Evan needed and what he got from ACU is a team.

During Evan’s time in ACU, we helped him hone and polish his book proposal, gave him crucial feedback on his target audience, and guided him through the process of submitting his improved proposal to several different publishers, just to name a few.

Go watch Evan and hear how ACU helped him land a traditional publishing deal:  Click here.

As a member of Author Coaching University, you’ll be grouped with a cohort of other like-minded authors who are going to be bringing their questions to the table, too. You aren’t the only one who needs answers. They might ask questions you haven’t even thought to consider yet. Or questions about parts of the author journey you haven’t encountered yet. You’ll get to hear our answers and advice and guidance about their journey, and you get to take all of that wisdom with you on your journey as well!

Take Action: Enrollment applications are open now...but won’t be for long!
The power of a cohort and community is the missing ingredient in your publishing. If you’re serious about being an author, and Author Coaching University sounds right for you, apply today! Don’t wait. We are only accepting a limited number of applications. And we are only enrolling through September 30! Fill out the application today. You will not regret it.


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