5 Reasons You Must Write That Book

The first and most important question you should ask yourself if you are an aspiring author is: “Why do I want to write a book?”  

Knowing the why behind your dream, particularly a demanding and lofty one like writing a book and getting it published, is absolutely essential.  There will most certainly be a time in your publishing journey when you will need to resort back to your why.  The sheer vulnerability required when writing and sharing your story, the isolation and determination essential as you persevere and craft words, the potential for repeated rejection, it’s not uncommon for even the most experienced already-published author to flirt with throwing in the towel a dozen or more times in the course of book writing.  

You need to know your why.    

Incidentally, why is also one of the first questions we ask when we are interviewing an author about potential representation.  We want to know her...

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5 Reasons You Should NOT Write A Book

Over 80 percent of people say they have a book in them.

“That’s cool.  I’d like to write a book someday,” he says hopefully, and I nod.  Yes of course you would.  You and the rest of the world.  

When you work in publishing and you learn that more than 80 percent of people think they have a book in them, you become quite selective about how and who you talk to about your line of work.  (This is one reason in fact, most literary agents and publishers avoid social media and keep their cards close to the vest -- they don’t want to get mobbed.)

Does it surprise you that 4 out of 5 people think they have a book in them? For aspiring authors, it should give a snapshot of how competitive and difficult it can be to actually get your book published. Only a select few books will find a publisher, and even fewer still will land on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, Target, and Costco.  

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Write A...

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